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Music for Piano, Films, TV, Commercials & Recording Artists

Sam Wedgwood Music Composer - Conducts recording of Film & TV Music at Abbey Road Studios London
Sam Wedgwood Music Composer at Abbey Road Studios London
Sam Wedgwood conducts musiccomposed for Films & TV
Sam Wedgwood composer of music for Films & TV

About Sam Wedgwood

Music Composer

Originally a classically trained trumpeter, Sam won a trumpet scholarship to the Royal Academy in London, but later became more classical and pop compositionally based.

Previously, as the multi-instrumentalist in Jamie Cullum’s band, he toured extensively and played in top venues throughout the globe.

Ceasing life on the road gave Sam an opportunity for writing and recording rock and pop songs, together with being an in-demand live performer close to home.

Sam now focuses on composition, mainly orchestral and piano, and has had many pieces recorded at the prestigious Abbey Road Studios in London.

Sam Wedgwood - Composer of Music for Films TV Programmes and Piano Music
Recording TV and Film Music at Abbey Road Studios London
Recording TV and Film Music at Abbey Road Studios London


Film & TV Music

Sam has composed and recorded a library of high quality music, ready and convenient for use in Films, TV and Commercials. The music covers a wide range of emotions and genres.

Music composed and recorded for Netflix - TV and film music composer
Network 10 TV Australia- Music composed and recorded for Bondi Beach
BBC TV shows composed music for include Antiques Road Show and Country File
itv show Just Women has used music composed by Sam Wedgwood
Music composed for Channel 4 TV Broadcasting Channel in UK - Programmes include The Great British Bake Off and Grand Designs
UK Television Channel 4 - Music composed for The Gadget Show

His music has been used by leading networks in a number of countries, including NETFLIX, Network 10 (Australia) BBC (UK), ITV (UK), Channel 4 (UK) and Channel 5 (UK).

A Selection of Popular

Film & TV programmes

Sam’s music has found its way onto…

Great British Bake Off (BBC / Channel 4) UK
Bondi Rescue (Network 10) Australia
Antiques Road Show (BBC) UK
Trust Me I’m A Doctor (BBC) UK
Countryfile (BBC) UK
Gadget Show (Channel 5) UK
The One Show (BBC) UK
Escape To The Country (BBC) UK
Masterchef (BBC) UK
Loose Women (ITV) UK
BBC World News (BBC) UK
Grand Designs (Channel 4) UK
and others… (above is just a selection)

Recording compositions of TV and Film Music at Abbey Road Studios London
Abbey Road Recording Studio - Recording music composed by Sam Wedgwood

Recorded Compositions

Music Libraries

You can find a large selection of Sam’s compositions on Audio Network and CinePhonix.

Audio Network has a library of Sam Wedgwood composed and recorded music
Cinephonix has recorded music for Films composed by Sam Wedgwood

These libraries include a huge range of themes and styles to cover the emotion and atmosphere appropriate for all types of Films, TV programmes and Commercials.

Music sets offer a variety of time lengths and moods to allow for variety and development of a storyline, whilst maintaining a recognisable theme.

Some Examples

TV Commercials

Sam’s music has been used in these TV advertisements. Pease click on the links to view the videos.

Post Finance (Swiss Financial Services)
>Die Katzenlady

KFC (Kentucky Fries Chicken)
>Made For Each Other

Ardbeg An Oa (Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky)
>Whisky Whispers

SMA Baby (Nestlé)
>Little Steps Follow-On Milk

and others… (above is just a selection)

Composed music used in TV advert for Post Finance - Swiss Financial Services - Die Katzenlady
Composed music used in TV commercial for KFC - Kentucky Fries Chicken
Composed music used in Nestlé SMA Baby TV commercial
Composed music used in TV commercial for Ardbeg An Oa - Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Sam Wedgwood - Rock and Pop Music Composer - Singer Songwriter

Rock & Pop

Compositions & Recordings

Sam has been a professional composer for over 17 years. He has a portfolio of rock and pop songs, which are available for performance and publication (subject to the usual PRS and copyright fees.

Sam Wedgwood CD Smallprint - Singer Songwriter
Through My Babies' Eyes - Christmas Single by Sam Wedgwood - Artwork

In 2007 Sam released a collection of 13 of his songs, which he wrote and performed, on the album Smallprint.

A Christmas single Through My Babies’ Eyes was released in 2013, inspired on experiencing the festive season as a father of 2 daughters.

Learning To Play

Piano Music

Sam has composed a range of piano music covering various genres (including jazz, pop, Latin) for both solo and duets.

There are a range of grades to satisfy pianists of varying abilities.

In July 2020 Sam received the news that his composition ‘Shark Soup’ has been included in the ABRSM Piano Exam Pieces 2021-2022 Grade 4.

Sam’s growing collection of piano music is available through EVC Music Publications Ltd.

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Sam Wedgwood - Music Composer for Piano TV Films Commercials